Special Election Update from District Counsel

To All LPEISD Board Members:

I understand that messages are now circulating on Facebook accusing LPEISD Board members of lying to District residents regarding the costs of holding a special election on April 13, 2121. I apologize for this confusion as it was me that assured you that no costs would be incurred if the Board opted for the April 13th election date and held their election in conjunction with the regularly scheduled "Municipal Elections". I now understand that my reading of Brian Corley's, Pasco County Supervisor of Elections, email of September 19th was incorrect and that the "Municipal Elections" in April are a "special election" and that all parties participating bear the costs proportionately. I take full blame for this misunderstanding.

Regretfully, the LPEISD Board had no other alternative then to proceed forward with authorizing participation in the April 13th "special election". In the alternative, if the Board had instead opted for a "stand alone special election" that cost to the District would have exceeded $6,200.00. By opting for the April 13th Municipal Elections you saved the District over $1,600 in additional costs.

As you will recall, back in June of last year we requested that the Governor extend the registration period for the November General Election so that candidates could register to run for positions on the LPEISD Board. Despite these efforts, and assistance from Mr. Corley and the Secretary of State, Division of Elections, we were unable to get the Governor's Office to extend the registration period in time for the November General Elections. As a result the LPEISD Board had no other alternative then to authorize a "special election" regardless of the cost to the District. By opting for the April 13th Municipal Election (which I now understand is classified as a "special election"), as opposed to a "stand alone special election" the District saved some $1,600 and additional costs.

Once again, I take full blame for any misunderstanding and apologize to each of you for any embarrassment this may have caused to you.

Please feel free to share this email with District residents.

Tim Hayes

LPEISD District Counsel

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